In today’s crowded marketplace and challenging economic climate, establishing a competitive edge is a daunting task. While keeping that edge can be an ongoing battle, Energy Tools International’s proprietary energy infusion technology can help.

Better Products. Better Results.

  • Are you continually searching for ways to make your good products better – without blowing your bottom line?

  • Would it help if you could find non-toxic enhancement strategies for a variety of manufacturing and industrial processes?

  • Is your attention pretty evenly split between ensuring a positive future for your business and a positive future for the planet?
Why wait when you know it works?

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Our mission is making good products better and providing premium products with a new competitive edge – one that can’t be imitated.

Over the last 12 years, Energy Tools International has worked with many researchers, manufacturers and hundreds of healthcare practitioners across North America and Europe to apply the power of the Vital Force cutting edge infusing process to a wide range of materials and substances.

  • Our proprietary, scientifically-tested and proven tools can provide you a locked-in advantage that simply can’t be duplicated. Not by anyone. Not anywhere in the world!

  • The Vital Force process is safe, effective, and non-toxic with no side effects.

  • All formulations are stable, repeatable, and biologically accessible.
We’re always on the lookout for partners who are interested in collaborating on sustainable solutions for the world’s most intractable problems. If you like what you see and you’re interested in exploring new options for your products, contact us about how you could use our technology to turn your finest products into even smarter, more sustainable solutions for you and your customers.

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