Chakra Cleansing and Protection Pear

Swarovski Crystal Passions®, crystal AB, 22x13mm faceted pear pendant.


Crystal Passions® Pear is infused with VFT Chakra Cleansing and Protection Antiqued sterling silver bail, 10x4mm with leaf.


Stunning pear-shaped drops from Swarovski; the world's leading crystal manufacturer, light up the room with their breathtaking beauty. Precision cut facets and uniform color create a sparkling shower of light reflections.


The Chakra Cleaning Crystal contains powerful energies for cleaning, rejuvenating and protecting the chakras. When you wear the Crystal with conscious intent it will help to clean and restore the chakras vibrant colors, strengthen their rotation, and repair their shape.


Price: $35.00 (per each)
Sku: CRY3001
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