Healing Love Pear

Swarovski Crystal Passions®, crystal AB, 22x13mm faceted pear pendant.


Crystal Passions® Pear is infused with VFT Healing Love.


Sterling Silver Bail 21x9mm


Stunning pear-shaped drops from Swarovski; the world's leading crystal manufacturer, light up the room with their breathtaking beauty. Precision cut facets and uniform color create a sparkling shower of light reflections. Large size presents an array of exciting design options.


The Healing Love Crystal supports emotional balance in times of stress.


It clears the mind and inspires an overall sense of well-being, optimism, and physical lightness.


The luminous Healing Love Crystal will warm your heart and awaken your creativity.


Price: $35.00 (per each)
Sku: CRY3008
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