Black EMF Transformer, 4" X 1.5"

Several research groups stated that the wireless communications infrastructure has amplified the exposure of the general public to RF radiation, and this has led to an increased number of individuals experiencing symptoms of the “Electrohypersensitivity Syndrome” (EHS).


Dr. Jeffrey. I. Fanin, Ph.D. at the Center for Cognitive Enhancement in Glendale, Arizona employed sophisticated brain mapping tools to measure the effects on the brain during smart phone use at 3 minutes calls with and without the EMF Transformer.  




Safe – Easy to Use


  • Tested in Certified Laboratories
  •  4" X 1.5"
  • Black


The EMF Transformer™ can be used on any wireless device, including:


  • Cell phones
  • Tablets
  • Computers
  • Laptops
  • Wireless routers
  • Smart meters
  • Microwaves
  • Baby monitors

Price: $56.00 (per Zip File)
Sku: DM8007
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