Stress Relief Trace Mineral 1oz

Description: It is based on Chinese Five Element principles known to have an up-regulating effect on the parasympathetic system. It works on the energetic template, supporting the flow of subtle energy through the subtle system, sending organizational information to support the body’s natural ability to re-establish parasympathetic/sympathetic balance.

Restoring the proper energy flow through subtle energy pathways supports the body to do its work to reduce stress, anxiety, tension, anger and depression and maintain positive emotions and moods. In this manner it can also help the body to normalize sleep cycles.


Ingredients: Vital Force products use concentrated liquid ionic trace minerals in distilled water as the carrier substrate for the energetic formulations. The ionic minerals and 85 trace minerals are pure, naturally occurring, full-spectrum, and kosher. They are carefully harvested from Utah's Great Salt Lake, solar-concentrated and produced according to the highest standards. 

Dosage: 10-15 drops diluted in 2-4 oz. of water, up to 3 times per day for two weeks.

Safety: Stress relief formula is safe when used within proper therapeutic dosages.




Price: $29.99 (per Zip File)
Sku: TM1714 1oz
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