Water Alive Trace Mineral 1oz

Water Alive Formula
1 oz. bottle
Description: We all recognize how important our connection to water is. Current scientific models of
water have explained it’s many unique qualities. It has a quantum-cluster-electromagneticinformational
structure, which allows water to perceive, memorize, transform, and release information
between and/or inside biological and non-biological systems.
ETI has collected energy patterns of the world’s best waterfalls and created a new formula called
“Water Alive”.
Dosage: Add 8 drops of our formula into your drinking water (up to 32 oz.) and transform “dead”
water into living water and therefor positively impact your health, your higher consciousness and your
connection with the Universe.

Price: $29.99 (per Zip File)
Sku: TM6110 1oz
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