Vital Force Technology is a truly “breakthrough technology” that gives us a way to explore an energy field that influences us every day, whether we are aware of it or not.

Like those other breakthrough technologies, the microscope and the telescope, Vital Force Technology™ opens up a window of limitless possibilities for expanding our understanding about subtle subatomic energy science (SSES).

In the same way that 20th century science harnessed electromagnetic energy for countless uses, Dr. Kronn has developed his Vital Force Technology™ to harness subtle subatomic energy (SSE). It is now possible to create subtle subatomic formulations of a highly sophisticated nature which are stable, repeatable and accessible for rigorous scientific research across a wide range of applications in chemistry, biology and physics as well as for commercial applications. The tunable capacity of the technology’s plasma generator means that subtle energy patterns can be repeatedly tested and adjusted in research projects and experiments with the ability to make finely calibrated changes, as needed, to achieve a very pure quality, highly specific properties and the required results.

Practical applications of Vital Force Technology address a
wide and diverse range of modern challenges.

After 15 years of rigorous scientific experimentation, testing and development, Dr. Kronn was able to design and perfect a system that generates subtle subatomic energy, separates it from electromagnetic energy, records it, stores it, and then reproduces it with 100% accuracy.

To date, some practical and highly successful applications of Vital Force Technology™ include:

Ongoing, and very successful research with stem and cancer cells and telomeres.  

…the development of electromagnetic protection devices that counteract the harmful effects of EMF radiation from electronic devices.

Simple and cost effective process to enhance health supplements, boost product effectiveness and give you a marketing advantage.

A large selection of health and wellness products for the healthcare practitioner and the retail market.

Potential applications are nearly unlimited including in the fields of agriculture and agricultural water treatments, catalytic and isomerization processes, soil and water remediation, fuel emissions and fuel efficiency, as well as many applications in the health, food, beverage and cosmetic industries.
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